TOKUTOKUYA News vol.16 [November, 2018]

There are not so many countries in the world where you can see autumn leaves, but Japanese autumn leaves are very beautiful.

Only trees with autumn leaves are deciduous trees, but areas where many deciduous trees are present are limited to coastal areas of East Asia such as Japan, parts of Europe, east of North America. Speaking of autumnal leaves in Japan it is a colorful change of color, and its beauty as a fallen leaf. It is said that Japanese autumn leaves are beautiful red, green and yellow contrasts, more emotional and resonate in the minds of people, thanks to the monochrome scenes where the autumn colors of Europe and the United States are mainly yellow. The autumnal leaves of Japan, which are rare in the world, the beauty of which is highly appreciated by foreigners, is a Japanese property that must be cherished.

After all, Kyoto is the most popular place to visit. There are many temples in Kyoto and you can enjoy it with Japanese culture by being able to enjoy autumn leaves at various temples.