News Letter

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.12 [July, 2018]

Topic1 On 18th June, there was a massive earthquake in northern Osaka Prefecture in Japan. Also, due to the heavy rain in the beginning of July my house was flooded and there was very great damage. In the West there are some areas that do not stand the prospect of still being folded many even … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.11 [June, 2018]

Topic 1 Summer is coming up soon! Please let me to share about Japan’s pubic holiday with you this month. Japan is known to be an island country, which is surrounded by the sea. In July, we have a national holiday “Marine Day” as to express our gratitude towards the ocean’s bounty, and wish for … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.10 [May, 2018]

Topic1 June is coming soon! Japan and East Asia are rainy seasons. There will be more rainy days, more humid and more humid days continue. On the other hand, there are many sunny days in Europe, it seems to be a relatively easy climate. Speaking of June, “June bride” is famous besides the rainy season. … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.9 [April, 2018]

Topic 1 Every May 5th is a children’s day. This is a holiday wishing for the growth of children, but it is originated from the festival of boys that celebrates the growth of them. It is said that it was in the middle of the Edo period that it began to make “Sarp Streamers” at … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.8 [March, 2018]

Topic 1 Record snowfall Japan had heavy snowfall this year. Though Japan experience winter every year this year it was amazingly high enough to be featured in the news as record-breaking snowfall. Due to the influence of this snow, many people were hit by the damage such as being unable to return home. It even … [Read more]