News Letter

TOKUTOKUYA News vol. [June, 2020]

News letter June, 2020 Topic.1 How are you? The declara … [続きを読む]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.26 [May, 2020]

How are you? It’s a bit while till sending email … [続きを読む]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.25 [August, 2019]

Hello, there! It’s Ayaka Matsumoto at ECI. Hot days are … [続きを読む]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.24 [July, 2019]

Hello everyone! This is Aya Matsumoto with ECI in Japan … [続きを読む]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.23 [June, 2019]

Topic 1 : Father’s Day June 16 was Father’s Day. Father … [続きを読む]