News Letter

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.24 [July, 2019]

Hello everyone! This is Aya Matsumoto with ECI in Japan. This is the second anniversary of e-mail magazine on July this year. Thank you all for reading. We would like to continue sending for the future, thank you in advance. Topic 1: KAYA – Japanese mosquito nets Do you know Japanese mosquito nets called KAYA? … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.23 [June, 2019]

Topic 1 : Father’s Day June 16 was Father’s Day. Father’s Day originated in 1909 when a woman named Sonara Dodd (Mrs. John Bruce Dodd) in Washington should think that we should have “Father’s Day” also. Since after Sonara’s mother’s death, her father raised her and five brothers all by himself, she thought it was … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.22 [May, 2019]

TOPIC 1 In Japan, we use the year in the Western (Gregorian) calendar, but we also give eras names based on the reign of the emperors.  The era is also a symbol of Japan, and represents the era of the Emperor. The new emperor was to enthrone on May 1st, and changed to the new … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.21 [April, 2019]

Hello! This is ECI. Japan counts as a new start in April. ECI marked its 31st anniversary this year. Thank you very much. I would like to tell you again the reason why ECI is selected in the world! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! Product Japanese quality and items … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.20 [March, 2019]

Speaking of places where cherry blossoms are famous, it is Japan, isn’t it? The flowering declaration was finally announced this week. Cherry blossoms are very beautiful. Isn’t it a flower that is popular not only in Japanese but also in the all over the world? This month I would like to introduce three places I … [Read more]