News Letter

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.16 [November, 2018]

There are not so many countries in the world where you can see autumn leaves, but Japanese autumn leaves are very beautiful. Only trees with autumn leaves are deciduous trees, but areas where many deciduous trees are present are limited to coastal areas of East Asia such as Japan, parts of Europe, east of North … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.15 [October, 2018]

Topic 1 Hello, this is ECI. Do you like Japanese food? I will introduce you Japanese snacks this month. What do you think of when talking about snacks? There must be potato chips, gummies, chocolates, and so on. There are many opinions about Japanese sweets for “little amount” and “packing too much”, but the secret … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.14 [September, 2018]

Topic 1 : Halloween is coming soon! Hello everybody! Halloween is coming soon this year. It is said that the decedent comes back to do evil with the demon and evil spirit. In order to protect themselves from demons, people dress up to look like a ghost or a monster, so the demons can not … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.13 [August, 2018]

Topic 1 Baseball is one of the major sports, and is loved by many people in Japan. There is a professional league and every baseball stadiums are very crowded during the season. “High school student baseball” tournament match is also very popular. It is held every summer (in August) and is known as “Koshien” because … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News vol.12 [July, 2018]

Topic1 On 18th June, there was a massive earthquake in northern Osaka Prefecture in Japan. Also, due to the heavy rain in the beginning of July my house was flooded and there was very great damage. In the West there are some areas that do not stand the prospect of still being folded many even … [Read more]