TOKUTOKUYA News vol.15 [October, 2018]

Topic 1

Hello, this is ECI. Do you like Japanese food? I will introduce you Japanese snacks this month.

What do you think of when talking about snacks? There must be potato chips, gummies, chocolates, and so on.

There are many opinions about Japanese sweets for “little amount” and “packing too much”, but the secret of popularity is still “tastiness” is not it?
However, not only the taste is delicious, but there are also various types of taste and sweets that can be obtained only in limited area. Healthy aspects are also considered, and in healthy-oriented Japan there are many things that you can eat deliciously and healthy such as “non-fried” and “salt cut”. There is also chocolate with high concentration of cacao because it is good for beauty, so much attention is paid to the inside of the body in Japanese snacks. It would be really interesting that a new snack is made that you “Eating it, would lose weight!”in the future.

What kind of snacks do you like?


New Shop [kokono] is opening! ! !

We opened brand new shop “kokono” at Sagami Ono in Sagamihara city, Kanagawa prefecture. Different from TOKUTOKUYA, we have more sophisticated items. Please visit once. We are waiting for your visiting.