TOKUTOKUYA News vol.14 [September, 2018]

Topic 1 : Halloween is coming soon!

Hello everybody!
Halloween is coming soon this year.

It is said that the decedent comes back to do evil with the demon and evil spirit. In order to protect themselves from demons, people dress up to look like a ghost or a monster, so the demons can not be able to recognize them.

It is also said that is the origin of the current custom. Children go in costume from house to house asking for treats such as candy with the question Trick or Treat.

There is a slightly different way to celebrate Halloween in Japan. Mainly, people disguise from some character or occupation that they are fond of. Especially famous is the scrambled intersection in Tokyo, Shibuya where many people gather and become a festival.

During Halloween, people could not only enjoy the costume, but also the hero or the princess that they admire daily life.
Would you like enjoy Halloween in Japan one time?

Topic 2 : We are doing the Instagram!

We are doing the Instagram!

We update information mostly in Japanese, however, we are also making great efforts to update information in English. Please take a glance and have fun with us.

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Looking forward to your participation soon!