TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.1 [August 2017]

Topic 1: Yukata

Have you ever heard of Japanese traditional clothing “Yukata?”

These days this Yukata has become one of the summer fashion items. People enjoy wearing Yukata to enhance experiences in places or evens with traditional Japanese culture.

Back in time, Yukata had worn as a nightwear and people worn it after bathing. Today, however, people prefer to wear Yukata even when going out for the cloth is thin and easy to wear.

Men’s Yukata is usually quite simple compared to that of woman. For woman, there are much more colors, designs and patterns to choose from and its one of their fun when wearing Yukata.

If you visit Japan in summer season, enjoy wearing Yukata and to experience Japanese traditional culture.

Topic 2: TOKUTOKUYA Yume-town Gotsu.

We are introducing up-to-date TOKUTOKUYA news!

This shop is designed in natural tastes installing wooden utensil in white color based space.

Also, with putting out Japanese pictures on the walls above, we provide customers experiences to enjoy Japanese cultures when shopping in the store.
(Since this image of Japanese store is for domestic, oversea stores would be different from the contents of this image.)

Topic 3: New Arrival

Note, Memo