TOKUTOKUYA News vol.18 [January, 2019]

Happy New Year!!
I would appreciate your favor in this year. I wish you a wonderful year for everyone.

I am sure that Japanese children love the New Year.
I think there are three reasons. The first reason is that they can eat special and delicious New Year dishes. The second thing is that they can meet relatives who do not meet often. And the third is that they can get “Otoshidama”.
Otoshidama is something like pocket money that they can get at the New Year’s Day. As usual they are received from parents. But when the New Year is over, most of the relatives will give them Otoshidama. Some friends who have many relatives were able to get a lot and some of children envied them.
Origin of the Otoshidama is originally originated from the fact that the head of family starts with dividing the soul of God to family members. The soul is seen as treasure, so it seems that customs were done in the sense that treasure is divided by family. Today, it turned into a custom of giving money to children as Otoshidama.
Is there an original custom in New Year in your country?

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