News Letter

TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.5 [December, 2017]

Topic 1: New Year’s Day What comes to your mind when you think of New Year’s Day? In Japan, during New Year ‘s Eve and New Year’ s Day, family members gather together and welcome the New Year. In the New Year, people eat a traditional New Year’s celebration dish called “Osechi”. “Osechi” refers to … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.4 [November 2017]

Topic 1: Christmas in Japan December is around the counter. One of the major events in December is a Christmas celebration! It is celebrated as Jesus Christ’s birthday universally and also in Japan it is celebrated as a huge event in winter. Christmas celebration in Japan is unique to other countries for following reasons. It … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.3 [October 2017]

Topic 1: Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu / Sado) / Topic 2: City of an Ironmonger, Japanese Traditional Tsubame-Sanjo Craftsmanship / Topic 3: The reason why ECI is chosen

TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.2 [September 2017]

Topic1:Shokuyoku-no Aki “Shokuyoku-no Aki” means autumn appetite in Japanese. It is a harvesting season and people regain their appetite after hot summer. In autumn, we can enjoy seasonal food such as saury, chestnuts matsutake mushroom sweet potato. Those foods are on the market through out the year, but it is no better to eat it … [Read more]

TOKUTOKUYA News Vol.1 [August 2017]

Topic 1: Yukata Have you ever heard of Japanese traditional clothing “Yukata?” These days this Yukata has become one of the summer fashion items. People enjoy wearing Yukata to enhance experiences in places or evens with traditional Japanese culture. Back in time, Yukata had worn as a nightwear and people worn it after bathing. Today, … [Read more]